At our customer’s facilities, everything that isn’t scheduled is an emergency repair situation. Unscheduled downtime is the bane of any industrial complex and needs to be handled quickly, safely and professionally. That is why so many companies rely on Precision Machine.

We have 60 plus deployable millwrights that are available 24/7/365 to help in any way we can. And, not only can our field crews come on site to fix what broke, we can also bring the parts back to our service & repair shop in Paducah to perform major rebuilds or to refit your spare.

Some of the emergency repair projects we’ve handled for our customers are:

  • Gear Spindle or U-Joint Repair
  • Gearbox Repair or Replacement
  • Drive Line Repairs
  • Main Mill Drive Repair or Replacement
  • Agitator/Reactor Repairs
  • Exhaust Fans and Blower Replacement
  • Bearing and Journal Repair or Replacement
  • Coil Processing and Rolling Mill Shear Repairs
Emergency Repair service
We know that you’re not ready to discuss emergency repairs now, but when something happens we’ll be here to help. Contact us then!